Local #701 Welfare Fund Office

Website: www.mech701-benefits.org

Telephone: 1-800-704-6270

Local #701 Pension/401(k) Fund Office

When you are ready to apply for benefits, contact the Fund Office to request your application. The staff at the Fund Office will assist you in filling out your pension application. You must file your application one month in advance of the date you expect your pension benefit to begin. For example, if you want your benefit to be effective as of March 1, you must submit a completed application on or before February 1. Your application must include proof of your age, such as a certified copy of your birth certificate or a copy of a valid passport. If you are married, you must submit proof of your marriage and the date of birth of your spouse. If you were previously married, you must submit a copy of the full divorce decree(s). Your award date will always be one month after your effective date. For example, if your effective date is March 1, your award date will be April 1.

Website: www.mech701-benefits.org

Telephone: 1-800-704-6271


Teladoc provides telemedicine online or over the phone with no cost to you 0% co-insurance and no deductible. Teladoc allows 24/7/365 access to care and prescriptions.

Website: www.teladoc.com

Telephone: 1-800-835-2362


EmpiRx is the Plan’s prescription drug vendor.

Website: www.empirxhealth.com

Telephone: 1-888-309-1654


PaydHealth is the Plan’s specialty drug case manager. If you are prescribed a specialty drug and co-insurance assistance is available, you are required to apply for co-insurance assistance through PaydHealth.

Website: www.paydhealth.com

Telephone: 1-877-869-7772

Delta Dental of Illinois

This Plan uses the Delta Dental of Illinois dental network.

Website: www.deltadentalil.com

Telephone: 1-800-323-1743

Vision Service Plan ("VSP")

VSP is the Plan’s vision provider. Locate a VSP provider to maximize your benefits.

Website: www.vsp.com

Telephone: 1-800-877-7195

Absolute Solutions

0% co-insurance and no deductible on imaging (CT/PET scan, MRI) if you use a provider directed by Absolute Solutions.

Website: www.absolutedx.com

Telephone: 1-800-321-5040


Amplifon is the Fund’s preferred hearing aid vendor. You will receive significant savings by using Amplifon.

Website: www.amplifonusa.com

Telephone: 1-866-973-9808

Medical Cost Management ("MCM")

The Plan’s case management vendor is MCM. MCM provides preauthorization when needed and reviews all case management cases.

Website: www.medicalcost.com

Telephone: 1-800-367-9938

Southwest Service Administrators (“SSA”)

SSA is the Plan’s Third-Party Administrator (“TPA”) for processing medical claims. Their website allows access to your claim status, history of processed claims, allows you to view Explanation of Benefits (“EOBs”) and access the Transparency Tool, True View.

Website: www.ssatpa.com

Telephone: 1-888-211-3370

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois ("BCBS")

This Plan uses the BCBS PPO provider network for medical benefits. Contact BCBS to locate a network provider.

Website: www.bcbsil.com

Telephone: 1-800-810-2583


Milliman is the recordkeeper for the 401(k) Plan. You can access your account balance and make investment changes.

Website: www.millimanbenefits.com

Telephone: 1-866-767-1212